...we'd love to celebrate with some bubbles for you

Boos von Waldecksche Hof serves as an official site of the Meisenheim Registry Office, allowing for unforgettable weddings in a historical atmosphere. This includes our magnificent interior spaces or perhaps a summer event in the fantastic inner courtyard around the old well, with a flute of fine sparkling Pinot to toast your new lives together. Not to be forgotten: Boos von Waldecksche Hof offers an ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. It is a short stroll through the old city to the Protestant castle church and the St. Antonius Catholic church. How about a romantic church wedding, followed by a lively wedding celebration at our Meisenheimer Hof?

Wedding with a Sparkling Wine Reception

Select the perfect setting for your ceremony: the Rittersaal or the Baroque Boos von Waldeck room. We'll meet with you in advance to ensure the seating and decoration are organized to meet your dreams and desires. Your sparkling wine reception will be held in our historical spaces or in the inner courtyard. Simply pick the sparkling Pinot of your choice from Weingut Klostermühle Odernheim, one of Germany's finest producers. We'll provide mineral water and orange juice, with our team on hand to tend to all the celebration needs of both you and your guests.