Style with a dash of charm

In our house, no detail is too small to warrant our attention. You'll dine in one of our historic guest rooms: "Zur Blume" features wooden tables dating back two hundred years, while mounted game and a bronze Diana greet the regular crowd of Meisenheim hunters in our "Jägerzimmer." The "Brunnenstube" is named for its distinctive medieval well. The historic city walls abut our inner courtyard, offering shade, respite and relaxing seating in nice weather. Historically accurate replicas of 1820-era chairs and tables — the original chair was found in our guest house — are made from local cherry wood. The amenities are many: art both modern and classical, glasses in which wine can breathe, elegant tableware and a friendly and skilled staff... where will you past the time most happily? Our modern bar "Zur blauen Meise" can be found behind the restaurant, amidst medieval vaulted ceilings, with aperitifs, digestifs and the perfect atmosphere for conversation and companionship over a glass of wine or your preferred drink. Last but not least, our well-stocked wine cellar, the "Holy Grail" of our house, is located next to the grotto and brimming over with liquid treasure from both far and near.