Discover... of Germany's loveliest landscapes. Known for its low precipitation and plentiful sunshine, our region welcomes guests with southern hospitality. We offer a multitude of both modern and traditional ways to explore our region, from canoe to bike (or electric bike) to draisine. Or perhaps you prefer to relax with a different sort of green: How about a round of golf? The golf course in Bad Münster am Stein is ranked as one of the top 50 in Germany, and is less than a 30 minute drive away. Or go on a treasure hunt at any number of our local mines. The endless selection of cultural treasures from Roman mosaics to medieval castles is as plentiful as the surrounding natural beauty. Or instead of choosing just one, enjoy both! Hike through our hillside vineyard Kloster Disibodenberg to the wild romantic ruins that served as the home to Saint Hildegard von Bingen for more than 40 years. Or simply relax and allow us to book you a visit to our orchids — and would you like a picnic lunch included?

A lovely day lies ahead

So instead of a late, lazy morning, you find yourself awake with the birds and listening to the distant, gentle running of water. You head off down the quiet alleyways toward the source of the flow, letting the remainder of last night's peaceful slumber fade away. "Guhde Morrsche" ('Good morning' in the local dialect) calls the owner of the flower shop, as she arranges a fragrant rainbow display of roses. You nod, unaccustomed to such a warm welcome. You decide to bring back a red rose on your return. You see half-timber houses, the magnificent Gothic church, cobblestone streets and then, suddenly, you're standing at the idyllic banks of the glittering Glan river. Behind it lies the southern forest, filled with blossoming wild cherry trees and stretching up to the imposing slate cliffs. A fisherman stands at the river proudly displaying an emerald-green trout. You enjoy the warm morning sun from a bench along the old city walls. "My Meisenheim," the tour guide said the day before as he gave a passionate explanation of centuries of history. And Duke Wolfgang seemed suddenly as contemporary as Angela Merkel. Here, the past is not forgotten, and the present is informed by that which has come before. You close your eyes and are happy. Time stands still.