Markus Pape

Your Master Chef and Host

A quick peek into the kitchen, visible even before walking through the Baroque portal of Meisenheimer Hof, reveals the true heart of our house. Taking up half of the ground floor's front section, it is the realm of your host: passionate restaurateur and chef Markus Pape. Born in Germany's Sauerland region, Markus traveled extensively following the completion of his formal training. He has worked and managed some of the most decorated establishments in Germany before choosing to settle down with us in his culinary homeland. The Pape Family, made up of Markus, his wife — also in the industry — and a small child just learning to hold his own spoon were engaged in a search at both the personal and professional level: a cozy city to live in and a restaurant to shape according to his own vision. A restaurant, in short, like him: well grounded and open minded, enthusiastic about quality locally sourced ingredients, open to new kitchen trends, yet always rooted in tradition.