In the heart of Meisenheim

Wine Hotel since 1699

This city “in miniature” is the only one in the entire south-west of Germany which has not been affected by wars in over 500 years, a fact evidenced by the many wonderful historic buildings. It is also the birthplace of the ancestors of Swedish and Bavarian kings, inseparably intertwined with European history, nestled in a lovely landscape of cheerfully southern character, featuring at its doorstep some of the best vineyards in the world… Our ambition was for the spirit of this town and its culture to be reflected in our hotel. Its main building, a superb baroque structure, has been used as a guesthouse since at least 1699. After a complete reconfiguration, the building was reopened as a wine hotel in 2013. Our vision was to create a hotel where we would be happy to stay as guests ourselves.